As a Multiple Sclerosis patient, it has become necessary for me to reinvent myself. I have ... and continue to ... refuse to lie down and die, or in this case, follow the normally prescribed drugs and treatments that do nothing to defeat my disease. I am not only surviving by pursuing alternatives, I am thriving. I do the things specialists told me I would never be able to do. I walk and hope to one day even run regularly. I retain my cognitive and creative abilities for the pleasure of my readers. Although you may never see me on my daily walk, you are welcome to read my novel(s) and in doing so, come to ask yourself, "How can the 'out of the box' protocol she has followed, help my loved one with an autoimmune disease like Multiple Sclerosis?"

My Summer of ups and DOWNS (so far)

I really did take the time to write a decent blog post for this week. Unfortunately, my effort to poke fun at my experiences with the medical profession came off sounding like a cruel dig at the doctors so I deleted it. Instead I'll summarize without the humor and hope you don't have similar experiences.

My OBGYN insists that I'm pre- menopausal (whatever that means . . .) also advised me to stop stepping on my bathroom scales. The other advise given doesn't warrant mention more than it felt all wrong. So I got a second opinion.

The second opinion recommended that I make a drastic diet change to meat and veggies and when asked for how long he merely smiled.

Following their advice, I've experienced what a family member calls an anorexic weight loss.

Two months later, I've quit taking the prescriptions, decided to ignore the diet changes and FINALLY start to feel better. Of course the doctors are both fuming---how dare I take my health into my own hands?

The moral to all this? Don't let doctors meddle with nature. It will, at its own pace take care of itself. Will the weight come back on? Oh, I'm sure I'll find it over the coming years!
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