As a Multiple Sclerosis patient, it has become necessary for me to reinvent myself. I have ... and continue to ... refuse to lie down and die, or in this case, follow the normally prescribed drugs and treatments that do nothing to defeat my disease. I am not only surviving by pursuing alternatives, I am thriving. I do the things specialists told me I would never be able to do. I walk and hope to one day even run regularly. I retain my cognitive and creative abilities for the pleasure of my readers. Although you may never see me on my daily walk, you are welcome to read my novel(s) and in doing so, come to ask yourself, "How can the 'out of the box' protocol she has followed, help my loved one with an autoimmune disease like Multiple Sclerosis?"

Announcing Saturday

Congratulations to: Gina -- Touched by Mercy
and Tina Scott -- In the Manor of the Ghost
Ladies, please email to verify your info. And again, Congratulations!

Tina Pinson resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband of thirty plus years, Danny.

Tina started her first novel in elementary school. Her love of writing has caused her to seek creative outlets be it writing poetry, songs, or stories.

In the Manor of the Ghost and Touched By Mercy were published through Desert Breeze Publishers.

When Shadows Fall, Shadowed Dreams, and To Catch a Shadow the first three installments of the Shadow Series about the civil war and the Oregon trail, will be available through Desert Breeze over the next year.

She is currently working on: Tamed/Changed by Mercy, sequel to Touched By Mercy that carries on the story of Allan and Samantha. The Cross of the Sultan, which takes place in modern Turkey, and deals with uncovering buried treasure. Counting Tessa, a contemporary/ futuristic fiction/time travel, is a story about gene mutation and cloning. From Hell to Eternity, is about the Civil War Prison in Andersonville, Georgia and deals with some witchcraft and mysticism. Finding Middle C is another Civil War yarn that deals with loss and finding the music of life. Portraits in Shades of Gray are three vignettes of life in the darkness moving to light in Christ.

Touched By Mercy is warm, but mainly because of some content that deals with child abuse. It is a Christian Historical Fiction novel.

In The Manor of the Ghost is sweet. It has been called a Christian Historical Gothic novel.

Coming Soon--Three books in my Shadows Series,

When Shadows Fall--June 2012,

Shadowed Dreams -- December 2012

To Catch a Shadow -- early 2013.
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