As a Multiple Sclerosis patient, it has become necessary for me to reinvent myself. I have ... and continue to ... refuse to lie down and die, or in this case, follow the normally prescribed drugs and treatments that do nothing to defeat my disease. I am not only surviving by pursuing alternatives, I am thriving. I do the things specialists told me I would never be able to do. I walk and hope to one day even run regularly. I retain my cognitive and creative abilities for the pleasure of my readers. Although you may never see me on my daily walk, you are welcome to read my novel(s) and in doing so, come to ask yourself, "How can the 'out of the box' protocol she has followed, help my loved one with an autoimmune disease like Multiple Sclerosis?"

Sizzling Kiss Entry

My first kiss with Jamie Spindrift was about on par with the Hindenburg disaster. We were standing in the hall and he looked deeply into my eyes. We both went in for the kill, and then I sneezed. My head flung back, my eyes shut, and then I head-butted his nose so hard that blood came gushing out like Old Faithful geyser. I found out later I had broken his nose. I was certain it was curtains for my kissing career. After all, who wants to kiss a girl who maims you for life and sneezes in your face? I might as well join a convent.

My second kiss with Jamie was little better. I had to applaud his guts for being willing to take a second chance. I was so petrified that I'd do some kind of hideous reprise that my kiss ranked next to chicken noodle soup and before gym socks. I might as well buy stock in Ben and Jerry's and a box-full of cats.

Number three kiss shot me into orbit. I had just seen Jamie go down the hall with Mitzi Banner. I went to the bathroom to have a short meltdown, when Mitzi came in telling everybody Jamie was a putz for turning her down for Winter Formal. When I came out of the bathroom, there he was, ambushing me.

Jamie said, “Hey, Chesin, did you finish your Geometry homework?”

But I heard, “Will you go with me to the Winter Formal?”

“YES! I'd love to!” I said, because I was temporarily an idiot and in need of duct tape.

The look on his face was more than a little confused, but overjoyed.

And then I was in his arms and he was saying he'd loved me since seventh grade when he saw me trying desperately to climb the stupid rope in gym class. Funny how I only remember falling on my butt over and over and how much it hurt. He remembered me getting up until I finally made it. I told him how ridiculous that was until he stopped my words with his lips.

There were parades with marching bands. Lions roared in the zoo. Flowers bloomed and meteors fell out of the sky. My head blossomed into heart-shaped confetti and rainbows flickered behind my eyes. And then I was drowning in his mint-flavored toothpaste with a touch of Proactive.

I could feel him smile as we rose to the surface for air. “You were worth the wait, Beckah,” he whispered. He kissed my cheeks and my knees stopped holding my body up. I nearly hit the floor but Jamie made a lucky save. He kissed me again, effectively ruining my prospects for walking to class, let alone home from school.

“I hate to think how much practice it took you to get this good at kissing.”

“No practice. I'm just gifted. Now make me glad I'm going to be late for English.”

And that's how I flunked my Geometry test.

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