As a Multiple Sclerosis patient, it has become necessary for me to reinvent myself. I have ... and continue to ... refuse to lie down and die, or in this case, follow the normally prescribed drugs and treatments that do nothing to defeat my disease. I am not only surviving by pursuing alternatives, I am thriving. I do the things specialists told me I would never be able to do. I walk and hope to one day even run regularly. I retain my cognitive and creative abilities for the pleasure of my readers. Although you may never see me on my daily walk, you are welcome to read my novel(s) and in doing so, come to ask yourself, "How can the 'out of the box' protocol she has followed, help my loved one with an autoimmune disease like Multiple Sclerosis?"

Saturday Sampler - more Live, Love, Repeat

Did last week snippet throw you? Want  more?

"Porsche." Porsche turned to her Grandma. "It's time, shoshkin."
"Time for what?" Porsche felt strangely calm and at peace.
"You need to decide."
"Decide what?" Porsche asked trying to understand the rush of thoughts and emotions coming at her from everywhere.
"Your time has come. You have arrived here a little early, but that too has its advantages." Sophie's thoughts peacefully showed Porsche her options. "You may stay here or you may go back."
Porsche didn't need to ask what she would be going back to. Sophie's thoughts left no room for misunderstanding. Porsche would be welcome to stay in this wonderful place for as long as she wished, or she could return to her body.
"But I'm not done." Porsche stated the facts, not to argue but in concern for those she'd left behind.
"Shoshkin, why do you believe you aren't finished?"
Dad needed someone to continue riding the horses so that they would be fit and ready for the fall hunt. Mom needed someone to help her with the house and her usual fall canning. Mercedes? Porsche had made a promise to herself that she would find a man for Mercedes to marry. In the process she had found Trevor and fallen in love. Trevor needed her. All these reasons and more flooded her mind. Someone didn't necessarily mean her; she'd merely assumed it would be her. She bowed her head with the only valid reason she could put into words.
"I haven’t said good-bye."
"Few do, my precious shoshkin.  Those who do, don't feel they've said enough or they have said it too often. Be at peace child, this is only a short interim."
Porsche wanted to argue, wishing she had learned from her mother how to make her point. Sophie smiled as though she understood and Porsche realized that Sophie could understand her thoughts and feelings, just as Porsche could understand Sophie.
"It isn't just the good-byes." Porsche pointed out. "I haven't had the chance to introduce my sister to him."
Sophie smiled, giving Porsche that motherly knowing look that said more than words could. "You're sure your reason isn't selfish? Would you really give him up if you had the choice?"
Porsche considered the question, somehow knowing that Sophie sensed her emotional ties to those she'd left behind better than she did herself.
"Honestly?" Porsche wanted to avoid the truth.
"I'm not sure." Porsche didn't think she could admit the truth aloud, even if she could admit it to herself.
"Very well, since you need to be sure of your decision, you are given time to decide. Don't take too long. But I must warn you, this may be painful." Sophie showed her a quiet hospital room. Ilene sat in a chair, staring at a still form. She looked more closely and recognized her body. Ilene wiped at her tears, humming softly
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